Why now?

This is a question I get asked a lot, but in relation to revitalising this website? Well, at work we recently began a push to overhaul our processes, with a strong focus on documenting things, I suppose I’m in the mood.


We’ve been looking at the virtues of ITIL, a best practice framework specifically designed for IT Service Management that’s quite popular. Since I got stuck into a book on the subject I realised a lot of my base assumptions, carried over from previous roles, were from a flawed perspective.


My favourite example of this comes down to performance metrics. Previously we relied heavily on measuring ticket volume. How many issues were coming in, how many were being solved. We viewed high closure throughput as a sign of success, but there are a couple of flaws with this approach.

  • It leads to a high pressure to close tickets ahead of when the issue might appropriately require it
  • There was no focus on solving a problem. A high volume of tickets for an easily fixed issue was good for perception
  • Issues left open for a long period of time didn’t receive the appropriate attention.

Our recent shift to ITIL has shed light on a co
uple of new performance indicators, which I’m quite in favour of.

  1. Mean Time To Resolution – simply put, how quickly are issues resolved? It doesn’t matter if we’re solving 100 issues a week if each issue is staying open for a month before getting resolved.
  2. Percentage of issues resolved by first line – The more issues that can be solved by first line support, the better for everyone. Users see quick resolution time, and developers and second line aren’t distracted from their fields of support.

I’m really enjoying the shift this has brought about in my own thinking about issues. Whilst there has previously been a focus on quantity in my previous roles, this new focus on high quality
timely resolutions is incredibly galvanizing.

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