Trying something new

I’ve been studying parkour for the past 2 years with Access Parkour, and its been awesome to watch it grow and expand from a pair of coaches to the half dozen it has now with a leased premises for training purposes.

It’s been equally satisfying to also grow in my own strength and skill. There’s a lot I can do now that I couldn’t do 2 years ago. Part of that growth has been reaching a good base level of fitness and skill. Life is pretty busy and I can’t dedicate myself to training 3 times a week like I used to, and as such I can’t really grow in Parkour without putting aside one or more of the other things I’m enjoying doing in life right now.

Despite that, I’m always keen to try something new when the opportunity presents itself, and so a few months ago when Access Parkour were crowdfunding to improve the quality of their new training space, a warehouse next door to one of the local rock climbing venues, I took full advantage.

One of the crowdfunding tiers involved a free Aerial taster session once the space was completed, and I cashed in on that recently. It was a strange but fascinating set of exercises, and movements, quite unlike what I am used to in Parkour.


Unsurprisingly this was harder than it first looked!
Unsurprisingly this was harder than it first looked!


I’d like to pick this up for a month and see how I get on with it, and maintain my current parkour training on Saturdays. It looks like it will be a fun addition to my movement skillset whilst providing excellent core and upper strength training.


Ultimately, trying something new is always daunting, always a risk. That should never mean that it shouldn’t be seriously considered, even if you do look a bit silly in the process.

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