Parkour is one of those hobbies I’ve taken to that I struggle with sometimes. I don’t have the same passionate drive I have with my other hobbies, and so I find myself having to outsource that.

I take advantage of the classes put on by the Parkour coaching company in my home city. It helps that I have friends who enjoy it for its own sake that I can tag along with on their training.

As a result of Parkour being more of a habit than a passionate hobby, it’s quite hard to set myself goals or to motivate myself to achieve them. It’s a reflection of the challenges I often face when there’s something I know needs doing but have other things I’d rather do, something that I imagine everyone faces at some point in their lives.

The question comes down to what strategy to use. A goal without motivation or discipline behind it is like a new year’s resolution, an empty gesture with a high probability of failure.
Looking over the passions I’ve put most work into, I realise that a lot of the work I’ve done toward bettering them has been a result of opportunistic circumstances. I can either stay a “follower” who does Parkour with others regularly, or I can become a leader and actively engage with training first, and bring the community to me.

I think the first target I should set for any hobby that I enjoy, but am not super motivated about, is to establish an independent routine for practice. That’s what I’m doing with this blog! One post a week.

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