Parkour is a sport I have been training for as a hobby for a number of years, with a coaching company called Access Parkour. I was initially drawn to it because it fit my criteria. I wanted something that would improve my physical coordination and control, increase my strength and fitness, and something that was fun in the process.


Parkour fit that description perfectly. In terms of my hobbies it’s far from my greatest passion, but it has remained a constant as my primary source of exercise the last few years.

These days the biggest draw isn’t the opportunities for getting stronger, or faster, or learning new techniques. Instead the confidence boost that Parkour gives me in terms of my physical capabilities is really quite enticing. I’m also enjoying spending time working on technical movements and controlling the flow between movements.


The parkour community itself is great, there’s free open sessions in public locations on a weekly basis around the country, regular or ad-hoc. Social media is a fantastic medium for local groups and enabling practitioners to meet up with local groups when they travel.