In May I had the unexpectedly delightful opportunity to go to Russia to take part in their multi-system Lasertag tournament over the course of several weeks. I was invited by a team made of players from Europe and headed up by an American player who goes by the player name Aztec.

The multi-system tournament circuit I play on is called “Armageddon”, it runs in the United States, Britain, and Russia. In the past it also ran in Sweden too, and I have played across all 4 tournaments.


The tournament was held in Moscow over the course of 3 days. It was one of the few things that stuck out about Russia, the commonality of laser-tag arenas. Wheras in London we have 2 arenas, in Moscow we visited 6 different arenas, and played 7 different systems. In one city!

The other thing that stuck out, but perhaps not because of any difference between Russia and Britain’s lasertag scene, but the similarity. The friendliness and community of the Russian lasertag players was identical to the one over here, and the one in America. It was so refreshing to find familiar people, even though I’d never met them before.

The camaraderie, and the friendly rivalries were like coming home, even though filtered through a slightly different cultural lense. Also, the slight limitation that more than half of them required one of the bilingual players to translate for us didn’t prove as much hindrance as I’d feared!

On the subway between two arenas myself and a few of the Russian players played a variant on Eye Spy. Those of us that weren’t bilingual would speak an English / Russian word and the others would try and guess what object we were talking about.


The tournament itself was perhaps the most enjoyable I have ever taken part in, and honestly I couldn’t be more excited for attending again in 2017!

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