My first campaign – ColdCrystal

Cold Crystal was a semi-serious story told through Dungeons and Dragons’ 3rd edition. It was the first real game of D&D that I ever played and that’s particularly telling in the character I created and how he interacted with the world around him.


My character was named “Aarnel”, a traveling priest of the god of roads and horizons. He was built with a mixture of mobility and healing in mind, though I would later find out that my design was flawed in several key aspects.

From the story perspective, I chose a variant on the typical memory loss cliché. The twist this time is that he has a floating buffer of memory, and is largely unaware that his ability to remember anything beyond the last two years was wholly compromised. I floated ideas to the DM about him being some sort of fallen celestial, cursed to roam the earth as a mortal as a means of readjusting his psyche.


The campaign went on for over a year, and looking back I see that the character shared a lot of traits with myself, and there was very little distinction between us in terms of personality. This isn’t uncommon, and I’ve found that lots of peoples’ “first” D&D character tends to be a reflection on their own ideal set of superpowers.


The campaign reached maturity and gradually ground to a halt as worldly obligations beset the players, and a more interesting campaign surfaced that we were all involved in.

I never got to find out the truth about Aarnel, or his apparent “sister” Auriel whom he encountered early on during the session.

My theory is that contrary to my initial suggestion to the DM that Aarnel be a fallen Celestial, he was in fact of a more hellish origin, and that Auriel was his jailer, or similar. The two got on famously, but during the one time they came to blows in a tournament, it seemed all bets were off, and an animosity burned through her toward Aarnel. If we ever find out the truth of the matter, it will be a satisfying conclusion I am sure!

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